Articulate and soulful, Ani Minasian is a singer-songwriter whose repertoire ranges from jazzy torch songs to up-tempopop/rock songs and folk ballads. Her lyrics are accessible yet insightful, touching on personal and social themes, and always with a humanistic, spiritual undertone.

Although a native of Southern California, Ani's rich Armenian heritage reverberates in the emotional, at times melancholic expressiveness of her melodies and vocal interpretation.

Early on, Ani was introduced to the world of art and entertainment by her parents who were devoted patrons of Armenian artists. Accompanying them to concerts and cultural events as a young child, she soon caught the performance bug. At home, Ani was privy to the untrained, naturally talented voices of her father and other relatives who took turns entertaining at family gatherings. She naturally began singing at the age of 3 and writing songs by the time she was twelve.

Initially self-taught, Ani honed her vocal, performance and writing skills in college. Her training continued with writing classes, private vocal lessons, and further musical studies at Musicians Institute in Hollywood. She joined the all-female a cappella trio "treasure" (and later, the all-female a cappella quartet "alias") and contributed her songs as well as her vocal talent to the repertoire of the group.

The influence of her Armenian heritage on her artistry is subtle, but ever-present. "My parents sent me to an Armenian elementary and high school where we were taught about the genocide of the Armenians during WWI and about persistent harassment they endured in the centuries prior. Although the emphasis was on what happened to the Armenians, I was moved by inhumanity and intolerance, no matter who was the target, and I wanted very much to be a messenger of peace and tolerance on a universal level."

A native of Southern California, Ani has performed at various venues throughout Los Angeles, including the Cinegrill, the Biltmore Hotel, Highland Grounds, and Fais Do Do. She has also participated as a singer in fundraising shows for T.H.A.W., Theatre of Hope for Abused Women.

Currently, Ani is promoting her all-original project, "Mercedes Emerging" and recording tracks for a new full-length album.







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