Thanks to everyone who has written in and offered their support and encouragement. You’re the reason I keep going!


“You write peerless lyrics. Your music sounds very original. I am waiting for your arrival here and your concerts and any news about you from you and from others.”
--Aram P. (Armenia)

"I I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new song. You have such a beautiful voice, i'm jealous! LOL"
--Lena H.

“I LOVE your new song [All Me]! I think this song is a huge winner. You truly have a unique ‘voice.’"
--Joan M. (United States)

"I just received your cd and it is simply amazing. I am grateful for your beautiful gifts of heart and soul that you have bestowed upon this grateful listener."
--Rebbie R. (United States)

"Definitely dig your sound. The lyrics to 'Bring It On' are awesome, so simple and yet poetic...Keep Rockin'"
--Amy (United States)

“I want to tell you that I loooooooove your website!!! I love the style of your music. It sounds really good. A lot of people will be able to relate to the song [All Me]!!”
--Elizabeth K. (United States)

“Just got done listening to your songs. Love them--please let me know when you’re singing again. Would like to hear your voice again in person.”
--Dale S. (United States)

“Your CD ROCKS! Reminds me of Jane Wiedlin back in the day. Some of the best stuff I've heard in a long time!”
--Jimi Y. (United States)

“i heard a portion of one of your tracks in altadena. sounded great. right now i'm listening to the dance remix that i downloaded from your website. very cool. i look forward to a full CD of material and a live show.”
--SpaceMonk (United States)

“Just happened to listen to your CD (again) this evening. All I can say is WOW! Very nicely done – love your voice, good band too! Can’t wait to hear some new stuff.”
--David A. (United States)

“Just wanted to tell you how beautifully you sang last night...and you looked great!!!”
--Vart P. (United States)

“Absolutely great and brilliant music! Keep on going on strong!”
--Ari I. (Finland)

“I really enjoyed your music. Nice blend of contemporary with some blues/jazz feel. I sensed a little Pat Benatar in it. I hope you hit the top.”
--Raffi L. (United States)

“I thoroughly enjoyed your awesome performance. Your efforts and professionalism sets you apart and your unique style and range is unparallel.”
--Heather M. (United States)

“I am your biggest fan. You have f---ing moxy and that's what it takes to make it in this world. You are going to be HUGE! There is honestly no doubt in my mind.” --Kristin A. (United States)

“Ani...your music was incredible...you look gorgeous and I am sure you will be very successful in what you are doing…”
--Joanne T. (United States)

"Hi Ani! I was just enjoying 'Live & Die' again, I just love all the textures and rhythms. Your photos are soft, but your rhythms are very aggressive, such duality... ; )"
--Woody L.

"I just came across your music and really love what you're doing. I've added it to my profile to share with my friends. Keep up the nice work."
--Jeff (United States)

"Ani, I just received your EP in the mail a few days ago and I love it! The songs are all awesome, you ROCK! I love how you hit the high notes on Bring it On. The guitar sounds like it is being played underwater, which is so cool. How Do You Like Me Now has a great groove and is very catchy. The lyrics on Live and Die are wonderful. The keyboards are nice and warm too. All in all, a great disc, I hunger for more!”
--Cortney K. (United States)

"Hey really like your tunes- yo'uve got a great voice! Like the "bring it on" and "live and die" ones especially."
--Phil (United States)

“checked out the website and that is way cool. definitely want to see you in action live. let me know when and where.”
--Aileen V. (United States)

“Your web site is Great. It is very well designed, quick and your songs are playing all over the office. You Rock!”
--Tom T. (United States)

“i got your cd. cool tunes, tasty vocals. these tunes sound like they are very fun to really open up when performing live, too. you are definitely on to something so thanks for letting mercedes emerge.”
--Bobby J. (United States)

“Whoa! You sound great girl! I just bought your CD and I listened to
the tracks on your website. Best of luck with your work, I just have
to make a film where you can do some music for me or be in it now!”
--Zeinabu D. (United States)

“First of all let me tell you how much I enjoyed last night. You were fantastic. I can't wait to get a copy of the live recording. I told everyone what a nice night it was, and wonderful you were.”
--Annik M. (United States)

”Very nice site--and some great tunes too. Best of luck with that! Right on! Indeed you do rock.”
--Josh B. (United States)

“Shnorhavorum em kez yev tsankanum em kez Hadjoghtyunner.”
[“Congratulations and I wish you much success.”]
--Vrezh K. (Sweden)

I had a lot of fun! You were fantastic! That last song- was amazing and made me cry!
--Cindy P. (United States)

[“I listened to your songs, they were really good, very contemporary. I’ve downloaded them onto my computer. It is my wish that you will become a famous songstress so that Armenians around the world can be proud of you. I wish you success, my Armenian sister in L.A.”]
--Samvel J. (Poland)







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