OutSmart Magazine
"Plenty of people have used songwriting to stand up to those who have tried to break them down, but few have done so with the compassion and style that Ani Minasian does. The bluesy pop-rock of these three numbers is captivating, with tight, precise instrumentation, memorable rhythms, and most of all, Minasian's earthy vocals. Reflecting her feminism and humanistic attitude, the songs express her strength and independence while keeping a fascinating, up-tempo beat."

Kweevak's Tracks
"Minasian's vocals extend from sexy in the low ranges to yearning in the higher notes. Ani's vocals are strong and soulful...[She] is a talented musician composing multi-layered songs that are insightful and inspiring!" (All 3 tracks are recommended)

NY Rock Street Beat
"There are shades of Marianne Faithful, without as much guttural grit, but a sense of toughness as she sings....she sounds like Alanis, without the vocal vacillating or nasal inflection. As a three-song EP, this definitely gets her in the doorway."

"She's got a bit of jazzy, R&B to her style...it bears resemblance to Alex Bach or Cindy Alexander. Her lyrics are sassy and smart, exuding strength and wisdom."

"Too bad there are only 3 tracks on this CD, because Ani Minasian has a great, powerful voice."

Music Connection Magazine
"[Ani] Minasian exudes a husky authority and confident sex appeal that reminds some of us of Nikka Costa... [On her debut EP,] she deftly injects a contemporary appeal into her material [and] drives it home with an assured hand and voice...[Her] direct lyrics...connect perfectly."

Score! Music Magazine
"Ani has one of those extensive vocal ranges, where the lower end sounds tough and sexy while the upper notes carry a yearning emphasis. Soulful and beautiful, Ani won’t irritate you with overexposure like Shakira or annoy you with blatant commercialism like Christina Aguilera. She has more substance than the two pop princesses put together."

"[Ani Minasian's debut EP is] pretty damn slick (read: tastily played), but has got enough grit to grab ya...Ani comes off like Alanis fronting Sheryl Crow's band."

"Ani Minasian is a confident vocalist fronting a band that rocks out in the spirit of Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morrissette and Sophie B. Hawkins."

"Stunning vocal performance...very expressive voice...powerful and thoroughly convincing...baring [her] soul vocally...blown away by [her] voice!...soulful and urgent...engaging lyrics...revealing...intimate...open and honest...good use of imagery...excellent..."

Southbound Beat Magazine
"...high energy...well constructed ...Like I thought when looking at the picture of Minasian standing in the water with her blouse half open, I'd like to see a bit more."

"Great show! It was a pleasure hosting your concert."
--Charlie Lustman, Silent Movie Theatre (Los Angeles)

"I don't have to ask how you're doing because you are everywhere! Congratulations for being one of the four women featured by Midwest Bands. Also for being one of the finalists at Just Plain Folks. The CD you were on was loaded with good music but you were easily the best. Good luck - I hope you win it."
--Lis Lewis, Singers Workshop

"You seem to be growing in popularity daily...I hope it is reflecting on your website. Seems your interview is picking up in hits! Your show was repeated this afternoon over in the British Isles and it appears that it went over well."
--John Anderson, "On The Horizon" radio show, New Artist Radio

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