How Do You Like Me Now

they say the rain always pours
and you can't make a buck if you don't own a dime
and though they'll never really tell you
everybody knows that poverty's a crime, yeah
now when you don't have a job
then people can't spare you any of their time
but when you're back in the money
then your friends, they'll be standing in a line, yeah
i was once lost now i'm found
thanks to my bank account

when I was all alone and didn't have a cent
you turned your back, kicked me when I was down
now that I'm back, you wanna be my friend
how do you like me now

now when you're hot then you're hot and when you're not
no one wants to know your name, jane
and all your big dreams, ani
they won't bring you the fortune or the fame, yeah
they say you can't be too pretty
and you never tell the truth when asked your age, babe
because you can't win big
if you don't even know you've got to play the game, yeah
i don't know how to be fake
i guess I'm just a mistake

when I was nobody, you couldn't give a damn
put down the sound until it sold and then
you claim to be my best and biggest fan
how do you like me now

i'm not holding grudges but don't think that I've forgotten
that you only started rooting when you knew that I would win
i'm not complaining that you're on my side now
but please tell me, won't you
where were you then?

©2002 ani minasian








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