Birthday Song

if i travel the perilous path
if i bear the insufferable pain
if I give away all that i have
will i soar to the sky from the flames

the tears that i've shed
the seeds i have sown
what will i reap when my future's unknown
will i die
or just shed my skin
do i fight or give in
and let a new life begin

ooh hold me i'm scared and I don't think that i can go on
ooh leave me i need to crawl in the rain to walk in the sun
ooh don't let me die with my dreams on a cold winter's night
ooh push me i have to jump off a cliff
if I ever want to take flight

if i shrink back from flames and hot coals
if i don't chase a runaway star
will i live like a stone with no soul
or die from a lone shattered heart

i'm not who i was
i'm not who i'll be
i have to let go if i want to be free
so i die
and rise with the wind
if i lose then i win
and so a new life begins

i go without pride
and walk to the light
and so a new life

©1998 ani minasian








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