Inhumanity Blues

my child is scared to sleep at night
afraid of the dark that lurks outside
how do I begin to quiet his mind
knowing the world he'll someday find

an old man beaten in a nursing home
a child is battered til his spirit is gone
i'm sick and tired of watching the news
i've got the inhumanity blues

nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
from ugly words like genocide
how do we learn to live with crime
black blurs with white into a grayish line
intolerance rears its violent head
entire races of people are dead
because they're different shades and hues
gives me the inhumanity blues

when do we stop
when do we draw the line
when do we say it's enough this time
where do we go when we've got nothing left to lose
but our inhumanity
our inhumanity

©1997 ani minasian








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