Flow With the River

there are things i've learned the hardest way
that you can fight with life until you're gray
but we are only dots on an infinite line
it does no good to speed up or slow down time

you've got to fly with the wind and sit with the rock and
roll with the grass and flow with the river
you've got to drift like the sand and
open your hand and spread out your fingers
let the river flow through you

you're working all your life to make things right
but things just don't work out no matter how you try
and suddenly
those things you never knew that you've always wanted
just come to you

right now is all that we have baby
let's not waste it counting all the things we haven't got
you and i is all that there is baby
don't speed up
don't slow down
just sit with the rock . . .

just flow with the river
let the river flow through you

©1998 ani minasian








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