I Hate Goodbyes

mommy and daddy are leaving tonight
and there's something dark in their eyes
from where i stand it's hard to understand
i just know that i hate goodbyes
years will go by and our faces will change
and we'll be hard to recognize
i don’t know why the gray takes our childhood away
i just know that i hate goodbyes

time can't be bartered or bought
we ought to just cherish each moment we've got
but endings still cut like a knife
and there never seems to be enough time

why do our loved ones sleep in wooden boxes
while we wipe the tears from our eyes
i don’t know why people who love you will leave you
i just know that i hate goodbyes

gone are the stories my grandmother told me
so many decades ago
i don't know why memories fade into the shadows
i just know that i hate goodbyes

mommy and daddy will be back tomorrow
and everything will be all right
i know the rain is a sign of a rainbow
it's just that i hate goodbyes

©2005 ani minasian







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